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Good morning, dear friends!

The trail from Imerovigli to Skaros is a magnificent trail that takes the traveler back in time as it crosses the old capital and a citadel of Santorini, named Skaros.

A few historic facts. Skaros was the medieval capital of the island for about 600 years. The houses as well as the castle – perched high up on the rock to be protected from the pirates – were built during the Venetian occupation in the 13th century. The houses were all tightly built inside the castle, having small windows and doors, narrow streets and the outer walls of the houses in fact formed part of its fortification. At the entrance of the citadel was the church of Agia Theodosia, their protector and guardian saint and the ruins of the church can still be noticed today.

The citadel, strategically situated, offered a panoramic view of the caldera and its inhabitants were the rich aristocrats. It’s worth mentioning a catholic priest’s testimony, who lived in Skaros and witnessed the volcanic eruption in 1707 and the birth of the island Nea Kameni.

The trail starts from the small church of Agios Georgios which stands in Imerovigli just above the rock of Skaros. Walking downhill, go past the church of Agios Ioannis Katiforis and move closer to the imposing rock. The geomorphology of the area reveals the violence of the eruption and the subterranean forces that created this magnificent site. The trail goes past the rock among relics and ruins and finally reaches the church of Panagia Theoskepasti (Virgin Mary the God-covered) below. The visitor, in awe, cherishes the absolute serenity and intimate contact with the island. Take deep breaths….


… St Averkios Day: the new wine fiesta! 

On 22 October in Santorini we celebrate the feast of Saint Averkios, the patron saint of wine as his celebration is held on the same day the opening of the new wine barrels is done.

In the past, everyone was looking forward to this feast. It was a very special day as they had the chance to enjoy themselves, get drunk with the new wine and forget the difficulties of island life for a moment. Firstly, the owners of the wineries went to canavas (the old wine cellars), holding blessed branches of basil, brought from the church, and opened the barrels while singing St. Averkios’ hymn. Then they tasted the new wines and offered a rich meal (quail was always part of the menu) to everyone in the village. The music started: musicians with lyres, violins and bagpipes played all the popular traditional tunes and people danced and sang all day long.



Beach & Weather Report

Enjoy another sunny day with a few clouds. The weather is ideal for outdoor activities, tours organised by your hotel, exploring the island and why not swimming at the beach!

Perivolos – Perissa: Lie on the hot black sand or relax at one of the beach bars.
Kamari: The sea is very calm and the beach equipped with few sunbeds, where iced coffees, drinks and meals are served.
Vlychada: Even more quiet and enjoyable, perhaps the most distinctive beach of Santorini.