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Good morning, dear friends!

Did you know that there is an archaeological site of particular importance in Santorini where excavations continue nowadays? It is the Akrotiri archaeological site where new excavations are carried out in the so-called “House of the desks.” This building, probably a sanctuary, is located in the southwestern end of the archaeological site. Inside the building, in fact, a gold goat figurine was found kept inside a small terracotta box. This remarkable statuette can be admired at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, in Fira.



… The Wine of Santorini in 123 words

Santorini is famous for its wines. The main variety is Assyrtiko, which is one of the most important white varieties of Greece and gives excellent quality wines. The grapes give wines fruity taste and delicate scent.
Assyrtiko covers 70% of Santorini vineyards, while 10% is covered by the other two white varieties, Athiri and Aidani. Athiri is an old Aegean variety that is now growing throughout Greece. It gives slightly aromatic, high-quality wines. Aidani thrives on islands of the Cyclades but also in other Greek regions and is often mixed with Assyrtiko to soothe the metallicity and the high alcoholic percentage of the latter. The red variety Mandilaria is cultivated in the remaining 20% ​​of Santorini.



… Admiring Oia

Oia: an absolute must for photography. The visitors, even if they come from the most remote place of the earth, must definitely photograph Oia.

The blue domes shining among the colourful cave houses, the luxury hotels, the fairytale scene unfolding before the astonished visitor, offer an exciting background for amateur and professional photographers!

Photo tip: Follow the path to the castle and turn left into the alley just past the tall church with blue dome opposite the jewelry shop. Go down the steps to the left and you are probably in the best location for shooting photos with the two nearby churches with blue domes, the proud steeples and the whole of Oia at your feet!

Tip: Oia, is known worldwide for its sunset, and gets busy in the afternoon and at noon due to the tours from the cruise ships. Do not wait for the sunset to take photos. Try the sunrise. You will be surprised by the result!



Beach & Weather Report

The autumn weather continues today with clouds, rain and some wind, which will pick up from the evening. It is the perfect time for trekking, walking and romance under the full moon, if the weather permits….
Some waves will break on the northern beaches today, so if you head south, then the sea will be calmer. In Perissa and Perivolos beaches most bars are closed, but you will always find the perfect spot for wine and snacks. Have fun!