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Good morning, dear friends!

Oia: maybe Santorini’s most popular settlement, especially during the famous sunset. Colorful cave houses and hotels, captains’ mansions (kapetanospita), restaurants and shops make up the beautiful mosaic that welcomes thousands of visitors daily.

Oia used to be a quite rich village, as its residents mostly worked or owned ships. Their ships used to export Theraic Land, or pumice to build port works in Greece and in the Mediterranean. They also used to carry the famous Vinsanto, the local sweet red wine, to Orthodox Russia, where it was drunk as Holy Communion. On their way back, they brought timber from Russia, which, obviously, was scarce and much valued in Santorini. A complete image of Oia’s maritime history can be found in the impressive Maritime Museum.

When strolling around the picturesque paved streets, you feel like a movie setting, where everything is perfect and the actors may appear any second. Here, you can do your shopping, have a meal at the sophisticated restaurants and enjoy your day. It is also possible to run into a bride and her photographer, as it is a highly appreciated photo spot! Obviously, you can find a quiet place, lost somewhere in the traditional settlement, and unwind, only by admiring the panoramic views and the spectacular caldera.


…October, the best time to visit Santorini


Because it is raining everywhere while here you are still swimming in the sea on the black beaches.

Because the sun shines every day and the blue sky is unforgettable.
Because sunsets are even more beautiful in October.
Because restaurants and chefs continue to create with fresh seasonal products.
Because the barrels with the new, great local wine open.
Because the fairs are numerous and the celebrations endless.
Because it gets dark early and the stars shine for a long time at the clear Santorini sky.
Because traffic is light, and finding a parking place easy.
Because hotel owners and their staff continue helping you in all possible ways, always smiling and offering “philoxenia”.




Beach & Weather Report

A new week is here and you are ready to enjoy the island. You can relax in the hotel pool and enjoy your refreshment or head to the beaches to dive in the sea.

If you choose the eastern beaches, the sea will be choppy. Your best choice is Caldera Beach, one of the very few beaches in the caldera. It is located before Akrotiri village and today it is sheltered from the wind.