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Good morning, dear friends!

The most famous wine in Santorini is the so-called vino santo. Do you know it?

In great travelers’ old manuscripts, we can find quotes like this “… no dessert wine compares to vino santo from Santorini, white or red. It is produced from a grape called black crispy (Mavrotragano, a grape variety of Santorini), which lies under the sun for 15 days, drying on the roofs of houses, before being placed on the wine press. After a year, it is an excellent liqueur, which exceeds even the Muscat of Samos.”
Other travelers’ manuscripts addressing to the readers of Paris compared the wine of Santorini with Marsala from Sicily and Lacrima Christi from the Vesuvius, wines which were in fashion at that time.


…Sailing in the caldera

Have you tried sailing in the largest volcanic caldera in the world? If not, then this is your chance. It’s a breathtaking experience as it combines geology, swimming, dining and of course, plenty of photographs.

You can scan our QR code to see some images from our recent sailing excursion!



Beach & Weather Report

The rare eastern wind remains in Santorini and brings light waves+ to the eastern beaches. Most umbrellas have been put down, so you can enjoy the warm black sand and the pleasant sun.

Few beach bars in Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos remain open and offer food and drinks on the beach loungers. Of course, you can always choose the hotel pool for relaxation and tranquility, together with a glass of wine!